Website housecleaning

We're moving!

We’re moving!

Our new website will be up soon, timed (I hope!) to coincide with the company move to our new and much larger facility in Suffolk, Virginia. I was moaning and groaning to a business friend about having to redo all of our product detail pages. She offered her opinion that life was much simpler when all businesses were brick-and-mortar stores.

In a way, she’s right. But having had several of those over the years, I say the differences are only in the type of housekeeping and/or changes you have to do, not the amount.

For example, after I broke my leg years ago and realized I couldn’t get in and out of my own storefront in a wheelchair, my next store building had a ramp! Likewise, our new website is getting all the bells and whistles for accessibility.

We changed signage, moved fixtures around and put up new posters at intervals in my last store. Our the new website will have all new product pictures to reflect our current logo and the updated FDA/USDA label regulations. So the changes are different in detail, but not in their purpose, to keep the online store fresh and appealing and in compliance with regulatory agencies.

Watch for new articles in the document library, and for our new scientific advisory panel as well!

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